Hello! This is my page

About me Edit

Hi! I am the founder of this Star Trek Fanon Wiki.

How to useEdit

Put any stories you have about Star Trek characters, or make your own crew up! Just write articles about them! It is simple!

My favourite TV shows Edit

Star Trek : The Next Generation

The Simpsons

Charlie Brown

Harry Hill's TV Burp

Maunual Of Writing Edit

There should be:

NO images of yourself or other humans NO bad language

Story Ratings Edit

Ratings Edit

I have devised some ratings for stories: SC-A = 7+

SC-D = 10+

SC-G = 14+

SC-N = 17+ (not allowed)

SC-X = 20+ (also not allowed)

Qualifiers Edit

The reason to become this rating:

SC-A = Something quite nice with some action but not tonnes of it

SC-D = Recommended age group. Would have more battle and action. May include crushes on people. May have language like "Shut up!". May include fantasy violence.

SC-G = Highest possible age group without being deleted. May include more battle descprition.May include more scary scenes and description.

SC-N = Would be deleted. The writer will be warned. If continues to 2 more times, he will be blocked for 2 weeks. If they are an admin or rollback, that will be taken away after 2 times. SC-X = Would also be deleted. The writer would be blocked for 1 year if they wrote this material. if they are admins and/or rollback, that will be taken away.

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